Renae Hallinan Case Study

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Renae Hallinan is an elite netballer, playing for the Adelaide Thunderbirds in the ANZ Championship League and the Australian Diamonds in the World Championships. Renae is required to work at a fast pace with an extremely high level of skill, as considerable demands are placed upon her anaerobic energy systems, with aerobic fitness assisting in her recovery between bursts of play. Netball games consist of four 15 minute quarters. There is a 3 minute break between the first and second quarter and third and fourth quarter and a 5 minute break between halves. Netball teams may consist of up to 12 players with 7 players on the court at any one time. Each player has a specific position with a defined role and a defined court space, Renae plays primarily in the positions of wing defence and centre. Substitutions between positions occur during structured breaks in play, either quarter, half or three quarter …show more content…
Netball is a game of high-intensity running that requires Renae to have a high level of skill, concentration and decision-making. These key factors can be impaired by dehydration and reduced blood sugar levels. Hence why Renae drinks sports drinks, such as powerade, between netball quarters and training sessions, as they promote better hydration and provide high levels of sugar. However, it is important that Renae continues to also drink water throughout these breaks, as water is a much more hydrating and healthier alternative to sports drinks.
For Renae to have an effective recovery, she needs to intake plenty of fluids, carbohydrates, proteins and other important nutrients. However, due to post game meetings, stretching, injury treatment or media interviews, recovery eating is often forgotten about, hence why Renae organises quick snacks that can be consumed simultaneously with these activities. These snacks include, liquid meal supplements, fruit, sandwiches and muesli

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