Nestle Swot Analysis Essay

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Nestle SWOT analysis

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Some cost leadership quality of nestle is • Nestle already achieved the level of low cost producing capacity. • Nestlé is located in more than 100 countries. They had huge number of factory around the world and its saving nestle shipping cost • Already they had well establish structures facility and supporting structures • Unmatched product and brand portfolio • Unmatched R&D capability • Unmatched geographic presence • Raw material availability around the world • Stronger relationship with supplier • Cost leadership quality is a number one position within the industry. • It is one of the world’s largest producers of food and beverage products.

• It has been ranked as the world’s largest bottle water company.

• In 2008, Nestlé has been named one of America’s Most Admired Food Companies for the 12th consecutive time. • Nestlé products and all its subsidiary companies like Gerber, Carnation, Nescafe etc… are all top selling brands. • They have been always successful in keeping consumer’s choice as their first priority. They renovate their existing lines in order to prevent their brands from slipping into saturation or declining. • They have a high market share, with a strong brand portfolio. • They have the ability to customize global products to local preferences. • They have excellent strategic management skills and a strong future vision.

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