Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water Drinking Water Essay

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Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water Clean drinking water is a fundamental element for human survival. About 60% of our body, 70% of our brain, and 90% of our lungs are composed of water. The lack of daily water causes the body to develop many health conditions such as cancer and gastrointestinal disease. Unfortunately, one in every ten people in the world do not have access to sanitary drinking water. This epidemic is so catastrophic that a child dies every minute from water-related illnesses. For people in the United States, we are gifted with government organizations, like The Environmental Protection Agency, that regulates the drinking water to a certain standard of safety. But how “safe” is our actual drinking water? Being constantly on the move between home a work, I have a tendency to grab a water bottle over a cup. The water bottle brand that is constantly in stock at my home, my job at a golf course, and in the home that I nanny, is Nestle PureLife.

Nestle PureLife accumulates its water from Florida’s own Zephyrhills Springs. These springs are located in the central west coast of Florida and receives its water flow from Florida’s massive underground aquifers. Florida’s aquifers are not only the largest, oldest, and deepest aquifers in the south east United States, they are also the most productive aquifers in the world. These aquifers were fabricated from carbonate rock deposits layered millions of years ago during the late Paleocene and early Miocene periods.…

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