Nestle Problems and Challenges Essay

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Nestlé’s Major Challenges:

Here are some the common challenges which all the organizations face around the world and Nestle Bangladesh Ltd is also facing all of these challenges more or less.

✓ Aging workforce and retirements

As most of the upper level positions are filled with aged personnel and each year some of them are going to retirement, Nestle has to go for continuous recruitment process to fill those positions when succession is not possible and finding the right person is also a challenge as well.

✓ Less experienced and smaller younger generations

Our current job market is filled with new graduates who lack experience which Nestle seeks to maintain the standard in their workplace.

✓ Lack
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– Competition with other MNC to get talents

Nestle has to compete with other renown MNCs to get the potential talent from the job market which is becoming more and more competitive day by day.

– Talent Gap

New comers often lack the practical experience and the creative and leadership skills that are required by the companies. The talent gap impacted business flexibility, expansion and growth.

Observation and Evaluation:

Nestle Bangladesh has come up with many innovative and feasible Management policies which is new in Bangladesh. In addition, these policies has already been implemented in their other foreign subsidies and running successfully till today. It has also created a benchmark in the industry and brought competitive advantage for the organization. Some of their policies that have impacted them a lot are given below:

❑ Flexible HR philosophy

Nestle Bangladesh practices a flexible and dynamic HR policy in the country. Therefore its implementation is inspired by sound judgment, compliance with local market laws and common sense, and also taking into account the specific context. As a result, Nestle has some common grounds in Human Resource Policy which is set apart in all their subsidiaries like working environment, recruitment, expatriation policy etc. In addition, Nestle follows “Corporate Business Principles” that refers to all

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