Essay on Nestle Marketing Plan

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Nestle - Company Profile

“Good Food, Good Life” - Nestlé is one of the world’s leading health, wellness and nutrition company (Nestle, 2012). With the mission of providing the most nutritious and best tasting variety of food and beverages to its customers around the globe. Nestle is the largest food and beverage company is the world in terms of revenue. Nestle was formed in 1905 when Henri Nestle and Anglo-Swiss Milk Company merged together with its headquarters in Switzerland.
Currently Nestle own nearly 8000 different brands around the globe and employs 328,000 workers and controlling several operations and manufacturing unit in almost every part of the world (Nestle, 2012). About 28 of the Nestle brand have got annual revenue of
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As being in a food industry Nestle faces a lot of regulations, which affects their performance.

Another Macro factor could be economic factor, if Nestle launch its juice product line “NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS” in Malaysia, they have to study the factors such as inflation, exchange rate, taxes and employment cost after that Nestle can decide whether is would be profitable to enter the market or not.
There is always been strong competition in food industry, for this specific product line. Micro-factors that are most likely to affect the “Fruita Vitals” product line are competitors and customers. There are many different brands of juices in Malaysia so it would be challenging for Nestle to gain a position in the market. Nestle would face serious competition from companies like F&N, Coca Cola and Pepsi, who already have variety of juices and other fizzy drinks in the market. Nestle can benefit from the their customers as they have a strong position in other segments and also good reputation as a brand. By launching “Fruita Vitals” Nestle will attract their customer with the unique product line of juices.
Opportunities and threats for this specific product line can be concluded as:

* In today's health conscious societies juice can be promoted as an everyday item for healthy life. * Nestle Fruita Vitals can introduce new flavors according to the tastes of different regions. These

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