Nestle Infant Formula By Henri Nestle Essay

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Nestle Infant Formula Henri Nestle was an immigrant from Germany that settled in the small town of Vevey, Switzerland. In Vevey, Mr Nestle began working as a pharmacist assistant, and when he started his business he used milk that came from local areas of Vevey. "In 1867, Henri Nestle began selling his newly developed cow 's-milk food for infants who could not breast-fed (Nestlé S.A)." Therefore, Mr Nestles started his business with a simple goal, "… to bring his baby food within everyone 's reach, and he spared no effort in trying to convince doctors and mothers of its benefits (Nestlé S.A)." This describes that Mr Nestle wanted to make accessible to every mother to give the food that their babies need to survive. Since the very beginning, Mr Nestle thought of his logo featuring small birds being fed in a nest on the an oak branch, was the exact representation of his company and his family crest. After one year, the Nestle infants cow 's milk was a huge success in Switzerland market and the demand was high for Nestle 's products that "...daily production more than doubled, from fewer than 1,000 tins a day to 2,000 (Nestlé S.A)." In 1877, Nestle decided to expand their product line of milk food for babies and cheese internationally with the purchase of a Norwegian condensed milk company.
The 1900s were the years of prosperity for Nestle because "...Nestle opened a factory in the United States, and quickly followed this by entering Britain, Germany, and Spain…

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