Nest in the Wind Essay

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After reading the novel Nest in the Wind: Adventures in Anthropology on a Tropical Island, written by Martha C. Ward, I learned about a culture on an island that is much different but similar in many ways to ours. The Climate of the Island was tropical with heavy rainfall. The Island was known as a “tropical paradise”. Ward a female Anthropologist went to this Island to study its inhabitants . Some area she focus on was Family, Religion, sex, tradition, economics, politics ,medicine, death, resources and daily activities . Ward approach to getting this information as accurate as possible was to live among the Pohnpeians as . She got involved in their culture and community. She even , though unwanted gained rank in their society. Her and …show more content…
This was a sign of remorse and like a peace treaty. The chief drank the Kava and forgave the speaker.
The Essay Assignment:
What is the role of Kava on the island of Pohnpei? How does the author describe the processing and use of Kava in different social situations? Does she and her husband use Kava and does it do the same thing for them as for the other Pohnpeians? How is the Kava ritual important in building relationships and social standing? What are the differences between kava in capsule form sold in health food stores and the kava found on the island? What accounts fo these differences? What does this tell us about the role of culture, especially in temrs of ritual, exchange, and social relations?

In 30 years the Culture of Pohnpeians has changes significantly . After Martha Ward had left the island much changed. One of the biggest changes was that the Island was now part of a nation and a government recognized by the United States. Another change in Pohnpeian culture was in their relations ships. One example of this is quoted “Dating customs were changing. Young Couples hold hands and eat together in public “(Ward 2005). When Martha Ward visited the Island couples would go out of their way to show no public relation let alone affection. They tried so much not to even make contact with one another. The reason for this change was young people visiting other civilizations and seeing these actions in such places as movies and

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