Essay about Nervous Conditions During Colonization Of African Americans

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When we look at colonization we always hear of or learn about the physical pains and hardships the native people had to go through. We see how these people were oppressed and had their lives changed by the white man coming in and trying to change their ways. We hear about the religion that was forced on these people but we never really get inside the mind of the colonized. We don’t see how these changes effect them internally. The novel Nervous Conditions looks at how the actions taken during colonization cause the natives to enter these nervous conditions.
Colonization in African nation nations caused the native peoples to enter into a sort of nervous condition. The colonizers, white people from Europe, would come into the villages of these native people and force their way of life upon them believing them to be uncivilized and in need of saving. Pushing both education and religion on these people, they were forced to begin adapting the ideas the white men are feeding them. Some of these people, children especially, would go away to get an education and come back having adopted a lot of the European mannerisms. This put these natives in a position of not fitting into either the European culture, as the whites refuse to see them as equals, and they don’t fit in with their native people, as they have lost a lot of their African culture. This put them into a state of duel conscious, which produced a nervous condition. They were constantly being pulled between two…

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