Nepotism Essay

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Nepotism is favoritism shown by somebody in power to relatives and friends, especially in appointing them to good positions. The chief complaint in a company that operates through nepotism is the patent lack of fairness. It is perceived as favoritism of a relative that can cause dissatisfaction among workers and lower morale. Employees seem to have less incentive to perform their responsibilities diligently and proficiently if they feel that the path to promotion is undermined by nepotism. Very few laws regulate nepotism at either the state or federal level. Some consequences of nepotism may increase your risk of being sued for discrimination or hostile work environment (hrhero 2009). Nepotism usually leads to an
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Anti-nepotism rules in public organizations have led to law suits based on anti-discrimination statutes and the U.S. Constitution. Some employees defend anti-nepotism rules as a business necessity, arguing that married co-workers are a potentially disruptive influence in the office. In several reviews of federal and state court decisions suggests that married co-workers rarely prevail in such cases. Several public sector organizations restrict working relationships between family members by means of anti-nepotism rules. The restrictions may be moderately narrow in some agencies, only forbidding public officials to appoint their own relatives or spouses to offices or positions. Other agencies, restrictions are much broader, prohibiting family members from working in the same department or even in the same organization.

There are also criticisms of the anti-nepotism. One is anti-nepotism rules typically focus on the modern character of the marriage relationship. One argument is that dual career marriages tend to be more egalitarian than "two paycheck" families where the wife works to supplement the household income but does not aspire to a lifelong professional career. Another is that while they are neutral on the

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