Neonatal Care At Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Essay

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Almost everyone has heard the term NICU. It is a common term heard throughout a hospital, but what does it mean? NICU means neonatal intensive care unit. It is like the intensive care unit, but for neonatal newborns. Neonatal refers to the first twenty-eight days of a child’s life. Therefore, the NICU is an intensive care unit for very young babies who have health problems. These babies have severe life threatening health conditions and need intensive care to become healthy. One of the most important people that take part in the process of helping these babies become healthy are neonatal nurse practitioners. They are the ones who give care to the infants by making sure they are clean, fed, and are making progress to become healthy and leave the NICU with their family. Becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner takes a lot of hard work and schooling. There are lots of required tests to take in order to become certified to work with the neonatal babies. Neonatal nurse practitioners work in all sorts of places, not just a hospital. Although becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner requires a great amount of schooling and training, the benefits that come from practicing this rewarding profession far outweigh any drawbacks. A neonatal nurse practitioner is a highly trained nurse that is certified and licensed to work with neonatal babies. The neonatal period is generally the period that has the highest death rate (Lee 1). This is greatly due to premature births. The majority of the…

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