Neoliberalism And Its Effects On Human Life : Economics, Politics, Personal Relationships

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Life as we know it can be understood as a return on investment, just as the new shoes you bought at Nordstrom are. This idea turned reality called neoliberalism has been the forerunner of political economic power dating back to the 1970’s. Barring no one, the United States have ultimately been consumed by this subliminal force, disregarding if citizens are aware of its power, or even existence for that matter. In the readings analyzed throughout this course, we have seen neoliberalism in a negative light; characterized by individuality, competition and the importance of quantifying over valuing quality. This hidden power influences everyday life – economics, politics, personal relationships. Political philosopher Todd May argues that friendship can be a political force to combat the ongoing effects of neoliberalism. May’s argument can be agreed upon in many perspectives. Notwithstanding, we must go far past the themes and types of friendships that are most normal to us. It is imperative to cultivate unconventional friendships to resist the forces of neoliberalism. But beyond that, friendships, unconventional or not, must endure the true test of what it means to be a friend, to create an effective change within our neoliberal world.
In and of itself, philia, or a type of friendship, is a political force that has the power to resist neoliberalism. Todd May highlights this in Friendship in an Age of Economics. He stresses the central idea that deep friendships and political…

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