Essay on Nelly. Lee 's Song, My Eyes Yeah, It Was Only Just A Dream

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“I was thinking bout her, thinkin ' bout me, thinkin ' bout us, what we gon ' be. Open my eyes yeah, it was only just a dream.” Many songs today and throughout the years have talked about dreams and whether those dreams were in a person, a thing or time, if they were broken or fulfilled, just like these lyrics above, which was sung by an artist named Nelly. This song talks about he’s thinking back about how he lost the woman of his dreams to someone else and how he is shattered because he wanted to end up marrying her, but realized that he didn’t give her all his love and messed everything up with the two of them. We can all read the lyrics of this song and many others like it and get the gist of the situation, but not many will dig deeper and try to understand what was going on in the brains of the people involved. We can all sing about heartbreak or dreams, but not all will get into the meat of why these things happen to people. Through looking at these kinds of lyrics, we can understand the psychological aspects of one’s dreams, the kind of person the speaker is, and what exactly their dreams are. In “Just A Dream,” by Nelly, we get a few details as to why he lost his love. He says in the song “didn’t give her all my love, I guess now I got my payback.” That can then beg the question of why he didn’t give her all his love. Per the song, this is the woman he wished he could’ve ended up spending the rest of his life with, but now it’s just a faraway dream to him. There…

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