Neighborhood Watch Essay

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Crime happens in every neighborhood, whether it is an upscale community or a rundown slum. It is a beautiful idea to think that if a community comes together and neighbors watch each other’s back, then we can eliminate crime completely. However, we all know that as wonderful as that would be, it is simply unrealistic. On the other hand, it is possible to reduce the number of crimes to the minimum if the community come together and work with each other. Therefore, it is important to have a research on how effective a neighborhood watch program really is after its implementation. Developing an effective neighborhood watch program is crucial to ensure safer communities that will have happier citizens and an even happier
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It can mean that the crime can go down if the opportunity to commit a crime is limited, if the values are lowered and the costs are raised. Rational choice theory has two other theories. The theories are first routine activities theory and situational choice theory. For the routine activities theory basically describes the important development for victimization. The situational choice theory states an addition views deviant behavior as the task of choices and determinations made within a perspective of situational bounds and choices (Schmallger. 2009). With the book stating routine activities theory can be identified as the lifestyle theory that was purposed by Lawrence Cohen and Marcus Felson in 1979 (Schmalleger. 2009). The routine activities tactic is in place of a missing guardian whom deters the offender. A capable guardian is one who successfully hinders any crime (Schmalleger. 2009). Basically it is stating that the offender has reserved the steps of crime deterrence is reduced for becoming unlawfully mistreated. Cohen and Felson believe that the danger of becoming unlawfully mistreated varies significantly in the midst of the situations and location in which people position him or herself and the possessions (Schmalleger. 2009). The situational choice theory has views of the actions regarding the offender as the purposes for the determinations made within a neighboring of circumstances

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