Neighborhood Watch Essay

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Neighborhood Watch Proposal

Neighborhood Watch Proposal

Introduction A Neighborhood Watch Program is a community-implemented program that assists with preventing crime. This program was started in the 1970’s by the National Sheriff’s Association to encourage members of various communities to observe and report on suspicious activities within their neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Watch Program’s purpose is to improve safety within a neighborhood. Providing a study on communities that are utilizing the Neighborhood Watch Programs will give insight into a neighborhood that should be able to come together to fight against crime and attempt to retake their community from criminals. This proposal will promote some
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The success of a neighborhood watch program depends on the presence of two things: the participation and dedication of the residents and the exchange of information being received (Neighborhood, 2009). The Formation of a Neighborhood Watch Webster defines a neighborhood watch as an organized group of citizens devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within in one’s neighborhood (2009). When residents decide to participate in their neighborhood watch program they should have a clear understanding of the multiple factors that may intimidate an individual from coming forward or even assisting with preventing crime within their neighborhood. Currently, many areas have established a neighborhood watch program based on suspicious or deviant behavior, burglary, and car theft. One element present in a neighborhood watch program is that a person schedules monthly meetings. Guest speakers attend to speak with other community members and residents. Once this step has been established, members within the community will then appoint an individual to represent the community and facilitate questions the residents may have before, during, and after the meeting. This individual may also be responsible for preparing flyers to hand out informing the residents on future neighborhood watch meetings. The flyers will also keep the residents

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