Essay On The Negro Trials

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The negro trials of 1741, also known as the “New York Trials” was hysteria coming to colonial American. Mass hysteria was spread because the population of New York was competing for jobs and feared being overtaken by immigrants. 13 buildings were burned to the ground, the assumed cause was a “plot by slaves and poor white works to revolt and level NY with fires”. This assumptions sent fear into the city and innocent civilians started being accused. The Negro Trials was a witch hunt because the events that occurred caused mass hysteria and the innocent being accused by civilians being bribed.
During an economic downfall the fear of the poor, slaves and immigrants taking over the riches jobs caused a bigger conflict to rise. Riots broke out
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But we do know that something happened that there was some, sort of, an attempt to have, sort of, what we would call the 18th century terrorist attacks in New York City.” Tony agrees with everyone being accused claiming they all had apart in the attack on New York. Cox claims the slaves attacked based on how they felt and how everyone who could of been apart of the events should be punished. But, not ALL of the accused were guilty or even close to being involved. Slaves were blamed based on their reputation. Others were blamed because their accuser was bribed or forced to name names. During rumours, false confessions, and finger-pointing, approximately 30 blacks and 4 whites were executed for not naming names and some 80 more people, mostly black but some white, were exiled.
The Negro Plot of 1741 was a witch hunt because the events that occurred caused mass hysteria and the innocent where accused by people who felt threatened by them. The Negro Plot was just like the Salem Witch trials because people where being accused based on religion, social class and how someone else felt about them. Anyone who was named was automatically connected to part of the New York buildings being burned. This witch hunt caused many deaths based off of assumptions, Most people

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