Negotiation Reflective Essay

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Through the in-class activities about negotiation, I observed the significant influences that different negotiation tactics have on the result of the negotiation in the workplace. In the activity, I was assigned to play the role of manager Dale Williams who is facing with the challenge of persuading two of his subordinates to wear safety glasses without causing any conflicts. The whole play was reflecting and educational, and I was inspired by having an actual negotiation with my employees and also by observing the others doing the process.

An evaluation of whether the activity provided you with insights on your natural preferences for different types of influencing tactics;
Comparisons and connections between: (1)
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As a result of the use of this tactic, Chris accepted the offer and obeyed. By observing, I learnt that negotiation tactics should be cautiously selected to match up with partners’ characteristics and effectiveness can be improved once it clicks together. To make comparison with my prior knowledge of negotiation, what I learnt is that the focus is not on what I can offer and what I can get, it is about what the needs of the other party are and how to fulfill them. However, the connection between what I am learning and my prior assumption is that the ultimate goal of the negotiation should be the center of whole process.
What actions do you plan to take based on what you learnt?
In the future, I will definitely utilize what I have learnt in the activity. Before going into a negotiation, I will set a plan including clarifying the objectives, getting to know other side of the negotiation, selecting appropriate influence tactics based on the knowledge of the partner. Particularly, analyzing opponents will be one of my main focuses of preparing for the negotiation since it could help me discover the breakthrough which could potentially help to take the strong position in the negotiation. Because there are

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