Negotiation Process : Working Relationships With Others And Resolving Conflicts

778 Words May 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Negotiation is a simple way to process in making business deals, managing working relationships with others and resolving conflicts. I am glad I took this class to learn how to become a better negotiator when negotiating with people because it had benefited me in my daily life. From the beginning of the semester to now I had improved my skills in negotiating with people and learn how to negotiate with people in different cultures.
Through out the semester I had learned how to prepare a negotiation with a planning document and it is so helpful. The planning document prepares me by having setup goals and analyzes the other party’s goal before negotiation process. I learn that with each negotiation, it is okay to have no deal. It can be possible that both parties cannot arrive at a possible solution. Also, Batna is an important step to prepare negotiation. Batna let us know when to accept a deal and when to reject a deal. We can also establish our reservation value which we cannot have a deal. It is important to analyze our own and other party’s Batna and reservation value.
Some key strategies that I learned while negotiating are to focus on the Batna and resistance value. Whenever something seems unclear always ask for clarification never assume. From the cultural negotiation, I learn silence is a powerful tool. Never except the first offer. You can make the other side feel bad and easily can get more from the other party.
My goal is to learn how to be more comfortable…

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