Essay on Neglecting A Child With Children

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Neglecting a child Children are neglected every day. Some are beaten just because they didn’t do what was ask of them. Others are neglected because they are small and don’t understand what they are supposed to be doing. There are so many children all over the world that are neglected every day. Many of these children grow up to be better parents or just simple stronger than their Neglector, other however grow up to become a neglector themselves. Most cases of neglect go unnoticed until the later stages when the damage has already been done. (Page 1) People who neglect children do not think about the effects it has on the child. Many times when a person mistreats a child they have been through something almost just like that in their past. Older people who tend to have problems with themselves often take it out on their child. If a mother doesn’t like the way see looks, then she will tell her children they are ugly or over weight. She will say anything to boost themselves up. If a father feel as if he is not a supporting his family or not every good at what he does, he will push his children to the max with their abilities or set them up with a task he know they are going to fail at. Neglect is not just physical it can and most of the time is mental and emotional. Children who go through this every day of their life often grow up to do the same thing as a parent. Some children may be taken out of this kind of home and placed with a more suitable family, but will always…

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