Essay on Neglect And Neglect Of Elderly

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Neglect of elderly usually takes place from a family member. Although it can take place anywhere as in a nursing home, hospital, or home health set up 95% of neglect takes place from a family member (“Elder Abuse and Neglect: In Search of Solutions”, 2014). Neglect is the failure to fulfill any part of a duty. Neglect of an elderly is not providing the necessities for a decent life. Neglect has many forms; emotional, physical and financial are some of these. There are many signs and or symptoms of an elderly being neglected. Some signs and symptoms consist of not providing enough food, water, comfort, shelter, personal safety, medicine, clothing, and personal hygiene.
Not providing food or water for a person that depends on someone else, is one of the main signs that an elderly is being neglected. If there is not a sufficient amount of water available, to them the elderly will become dehydrated. If the meals are not planned out, and made for their diet, they will become malnourished. These are two of the easiest things to do when taking care of an elderly, especially when they live with in the same household. However, these can also be the most difficult ones. If mom only liked macaroni and cheese it can get frustrating fixing the same thing over and over again. Also, if she only eats at noon and four o’clock it can become very inconvenient, if those times do not work with the current schedule. For example, if work is from eight o’clock till four o’clock, there possibility…

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