Negatives Of Social Media

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The first social media website was built in 1997, and it was called Six Degrees. Six Degrees was made for people to meet friends with other individuals on the website. Over time there were many different social media websites made. The main four social media apps are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. With the creation of social media there are many negatives that go along with it. Bullies and cyber predators are on social media apps, people waste most their time on social media, and a bad picture of someone can mess up someone’s life, despite there being a few positives like online support groups.
Bully and cyber predators are a big issue that come from social media. These kinds of people like to prey on the weak and try to achieve
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People live on their social media apps, they sit down for hours and scroll their social media apps. People must know what is going on in everyone’s life instead of worrying about their own life. They care about who is on vacation and all about the next trend. Most children spend their whole day on a social media app instead of doing any productive activities. This leads to them procrastinating on important activities like doing their homework or doing chores around the house. It also puts a damper on them being active and going outside, because they rather sit inside and be on their social media app. Social media is getting in the way of people taking to each other face to face. People are more anti-social in public places. When people out in the public they usually are in stores walking around but they are on their phones checking their social media apps. This makes people less likely to go up to that person and strike a conversation, because they do not want to seem rude. Social media has also taken away face to face conversations. Why go talk to somebody when someone can message them what he or she were going to say. With messages, someone might not get the full story that a person was trying to tell him or her. Someone might think a friend is mad at them over text while the friend is not mad at …show more content…
When someone takes a bad picture of an individual, and post it on social media, other children will make fun of the kid that had the bad picture taken of them. This happens all the time friends get mad at each other so they post bad pictures of one another to try to get back at each other. Then it is a game to see who can find the worse picture imaginable to post on social media. Then both students get suspended from school for harassing each other. These can ruin their academic scores by missing many days of school then they must try to get caught up on they work they are behind in. People now a day like to record themselves doing cool stunts and tricks. Most the time the trick is done and the individual looks like a beast, but sometimes other individuals are not as lucky. Someone will tell their friend to record them doing some backflip so they agree to record it. When the kid slips and lands on his head the recorder will hurry up and post in on social media because he or she thinks it is funny. Then the kid who wanted to do a cool backflip is being made fun of for trying something he wanted to

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