Negatives Of Log Rolling

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Log Rolling: A New Aquatic Trend or Sport? From the 20th century, an activity originally started as a lumberjack tradition of rotating a log in the water while trying to trip up your opponent until they fall off is now emerging in local pools all across the country. All the way from children to adults, this new aquatic event is starting to spark peoples’ attention. In this exposition I am going to describe whether or not log rolling is categorized into each of the four different segments that makeup a sport. From notes taken in class these include rigorous physical activity, a competitive event, is officially governed with institutionalized rules, and includes bother internal or external rewards. Also being discussed is the positive and negatives outcomes if log rolling were to be a sport. Not only does a sport need to include physical activity but it needs to consist of rigorous exertion with complex physical skills. In this activity some of the skills that are involved include extreme balance techniques, exhausting aerobic capabilities, and a heavy amount of leg strength is used primarily in the calves. According to Joe Connor, a one-time world log-rolling champion, he states the difficulty of the …show more content…
A few of the most important reasons why log rolling would benefit from being a sport is the increased marketing and advertisement that would result in a larger recognition of this activity, increasing the fan-base and financial support. If there is an increase fan-base at log rolling events that have started to band-wagon this activity, the detrimental effect is a loss of cultural traditions. This could occur if these traditions were potentially pushed aside and replaced with more media influenced agendas, only perpetuated with increasing profits and consumer

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