Essay on Negatives And Negatives Of Using Technology

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The Positives and Negatives of Using Technology in Education
Introduction and Issue Definition
This paper focuses on the impact of using technology in education. Schacter (1999) provides that students today use various kinds of tools for schoolwork, including research work and extra curriculum activities. Nonetheless, he argues that use of equipment may also lead to negative implications for students. Bataineh & Brooks (2003), explain that technology in education refer to tools used to promote learning among students, including computers, music players, cameras, and calculators. They also assert that it may include communication platforms for lecture engagements. They add that it is common evidence that roles of teachers are changing due to integration of such tools in the classroom. This implies that there has been a transition from teaching students solely from a stage and giving hand-outs to interactive technology for instructions and educational experience.
According to O 'Donoghue, Singh, and Green (2004), the question has become significant owing to controversial debates in the last decades regarding use of such tools in the classroom. They claim that various stakeholders such as teachers, parents, and policy makers have analysed the issue and argued the benefits, risks, and consequences of the same in education. This includes personal tools under student ownership and school integrated technology for everyday learning experience. Bushati et al. (2012), explain that…

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