Essay on Negative Thoughts On Our Lives

1005 Words Oct 16th, 2016 5 Pages
Sometimes in life, we as people get caught in situations that keep us from growing. We fight against ourselves to become better, but fear sets in to scare us. Also, our negative mindset keeps us from progressing in life. When dealing with negative thoughts understanding how to overcome them can be a big issue. Negativity can lead to things such as exhaustion, hunger, sleep deprivation, and even the common cold. Negative thoughts have shown to be a leading cause in suicidal deaths, as well as many cases of homicide and murder. Who would of ever believed that the negativity in your head could have such an outcome on your life. We are our own worst enemy in life and making our own judgments. As we live coping with the negative things that surround our lives I have come to realize there are many ways of handling this form of stress. To really live a positive and happy life negative thoughts can’t float around or in your head. Our thought process of thinking should be positive thoughts, confidence in high self-esteem and ourselves.
Everyone is programmed differently. So with this being said there isn’t just one-way of dealing with the negative thoughts. Depending on who you are or the type of person you are you can deal with this in many different ways. Personally my best way to get rid of my negative thoughts is to have an environment change. Changing your environment includes changing your location to changing the people around you. Seeing a different environment or different…

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