Vegetarianism Case Study

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Over a year ago, a woman by the name of Carla Camarillo was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. The main tumor was six centimeters, and it had metastasized throughout her body. It was said to be terminal, and the only options were chemotherapy and surgery, which would have only prolonged her life. However, she did not agree to undergo these treatments. She relied on a primarily vegetarian diet, which included juicing, vitamin C infusions, and supplements. After three months, the tumor had shrunk to a third of its original size. The tumor shrunk in half over six months. Finally, after eight months, the main tumor was less than two centimeters (scar tissue) and there was no active cancer present. By June 2016, Carla Camarillo was in remission (How Carla Beat Stage 4 Cancer). Cancer, in conjunction with cardiovascular disease and diabetes, accounts for approximately …show more content…
There are some negative stigmas surrounding vegetarianism that are not completely true. One example is that vegetarianism is counterintuitive because it promotes eating disorders, and vitamin deficiencies, as well as possible weight gain. First and foremost, there is no evidence suggesting vegetarianism leads to eating disorders. In fact, people who had eating disorders while on a vegetarian diet, had that eating disorder before they became vegetarians (Winckel). Next, a vegetarian diet will not contribute to vitamin deficiencies if the individual is knowledgeable about nutritional facts as well as augmenting one’s nutrition from other sources, like supplements (Winckel). Lastly, vegetarianism does not typically lead to weight gain. In fact, in numerous studies, it led to weight loss as well as a lower BMI (Melina). Unless the person is consuming sugary and high fat products, weight gain should not be an effect. Like any other diet lifestyle, balance is key. If the right measures are taken, vegetarianism has numerous positive

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