Negative Stereotypes Of Newark, New Jersey Essay

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Even though Newark has a bad name with negative stereotypes it’s my home. In Newark, New Jersey I was born, went to school, made friends, and learned a lot. I was born to huge family where I grew up in the known most dangerous town in Newark, New Community. This same town is where my family grew up as well. The neighborhood was so bad my mother never allowed me to play outside. Luckily I had sisters and cousins to play with. Fortunately I’m a two way stream kind of person, so I saw the good out of it. I learned from it and made the best out of it. Growing up in Newark you see alot and depending on what you want out of life you learned to be better. Luckily for me, I have a family that saw what I saw, but worse which taught me even more. I come from a big family. A lot of them are teachers, hence my career goal. From them I learned book-smarts and street-smarts which brought me a long way from making it out of hell. Although some may say I don 't come from much, my city and my family helped me become me.

Who am I ? I’m a cancer, sometimes introverted, thoughtful, open minded, homebody, funny, blunt, caring, sensitive and many more descriptors describe me. I am an African, Cherokee Redfin, Caucasian, Irish American. A true mixed breed, but I identify as the best, African American. As said earlier, I come from a big yet tight family. They taught me about having self worth and obedience and being opinionated which helped me a lot in school. It helped me when it came to school…

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