Negative Stereotypes Of African Americans Essay

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Negative perceptions of African-Americans are presented on television, movies, and in rap music. Negative stereotypes depicted of black people for entertainment date back to the blackface minstrel shows in mid-19th century. The stereotypes presented on television and film have evolved, most relating or being the stereotypes in the minstrel shows. As well, rap music and the rap music industry emphasizes negative stereotypes of African-Americans. The rap industry and music promote negative stereotypes of black people as it fuels negative stereotypes such as black men being thugs, hypersexual, and so on.

Blackface minstrel shows began in mid-19th century, they depicted negative stereotypes of African-Americans. The earliest stereotype was the Zip Coon performed by George Dixon in 1834. This stereotype presented an "arrogant, ostentatious" black man, "dressed in high styles and they spoke in a series of malaprops and puns that undermined his attempts to appear dignified". Later on the Zip Coon and Jim Crow caricature were mixed and became the Coon; other stereotypes included the Mammy stereotype whom was full of wisdom, independent, and a domestic to a white family; Uncle Tom whom was a religious, sober, good man; Buck whom was a large blackman whom was proud and often interested in white women; the Wench/Jezebel whom was a temptress; Mulatto, whom was a mixed male of female who was not aware they were part black but are discovered to be by another full black…

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