Negative Portrayal Of Law Enforcement And The Public Essay

1246 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 null Page
The officer shoots, his decision was split second, the man is dead and the stories begin to run on all news stations and social media sites. Before the police agency can make a statement the reporters have said what allegedly happened and the public begins to make their conclusions of what happened based on these reports from news stations. Unknowingly the media has painted a target on the agency and the officer, while an investigation is still underway and the true facts have yet to be revealed the public demands action on the officer. This kind of story has unfortunately become a normal occurrence nationwide, all too many times the media jumps o a story before law enforcement can sort through the facts and find the truth. This leads to a negative portrayal of law enforcement and the public has affected greatly perceptions of their relationship. There are several thing that can fuel the fire behind a news story, whether it be good or bad, and the biggest of these being social media sites. The speed in which a story can be shared a crossed social media sites is staggering, it has become so simple to see the headline of a story and share it to friends and family because it look interesting or controversial. As of late, there are many instances that a video of officers “abusing their powers” have been posted and spread like a wild fire, causing people to become angry and untrusting of law enforcement without knowing the real facts of what happened before the video was filmed…

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