Negative Portrayal Of Black Men Essay

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The Negative Portrayal of Black Men in the Media
Racial profiling and the idea that Black men are innately more threatening than White men is a phenomenon that shapes people’s daily behavior every day. Whether it be a storekeeper’s decision to keep a more watchful eye on an African American customer, or a woman crossing to the other side of the street when approaching a Black man, people are influenced heavily by the stereotype that African American men are more prone to violence and crime than White men. But, just why are Black men considered to be more threatening and violent than White men? Where did this idea come from? The answer, although complex, is largely related to the negative portrayal of Black men in the media and pop culture throughout the years. The incorrect stereotypes surrounding African American men can be seen in multiple aspects of American media. Looking back and reflecting on the history of African Americans in television and film provides us with valuable insight on how these stereotypes came to be so widely accepted. The way Black men have been depicted in the media has unquestionably shaped the way they are perceived in public spaces and has negatively altered the way they function in society. (Oliver 3)
African Americans have had a long and complex relationship with American media throughout the years. Across many platforms including television and film, African American men have been subjected to unfair and untrue representation. Starting from…

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