Essay about Negative Media On Media And Society

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Negative Normalisation in Media and Society

As a nation, we are subjected to different forms of media, all of which can be viewed as positive or negative. Every day we see some sort of advertisement that is unnecessary in the way it is selling brands which majority of the time can be brought down to the over sexualisation of the model, which can be a woman or a man, hired to showcase the product. We see violence in the media, either in a movie or in advertisements for new games and most of all every single person day in, day out, is judged on how they look by everyone they meet. While this is happening, there are impressionable young children observing this happening to the people around them. Whilst teenagers are experiencing being scrutinized by their peers. Do you find this alarming? The fact younger generations have accepted this as a normalized part of our everyday society, and almost expect it to happen as soon as they leave their house.
It is difficult nowadays to come across a child over the age of seven that doesn’t own a device that gives them access to the media. This can play a major role in how the child grows up, as media is a large portion of everyday life. Many people say that it influences our views and how we perceive people, this can happen so suddenly that we do not notice till it is too late. Children are easily influenced and are likely to follow in others footsteps. The fact that sources of media are so easily accessible to them is slightly worrying,…

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