Essay on Negative Influences Of High School Students

2024 Words Nov 7th, 2014 null Page
High school, it is a place student’s gather to learn with peers and teachers. Every day students are expected to pay attention to the lessons they are being taught, even with all the distractions and influences surrounding them. Almost everything in life can influence a student; some are inside the school and some outside the school. Some influence’s students come across can have a positive impact on one’s life while others may not. From drugs to sports, to peers, poverty, social media, and even teachers, these all have influences on students, some of which are negative, some positive, and some may have both. First, with every good thing in life, there is always a bad. For example, students face negative influences every day. One of the biggest negative influences on high school students is drugs. Of all the drugs introduced to students while at school, such as cocaine and ecstasy, some say that marijuana is the most sold and used on school grounds. The “Monitoring the Future” report states that eighty-five percent of students say the reason for this is because it is easy to obtain, even teens that do not use drugs say that it is fairly easy to come by. Some researchers even discovered that marijuana use in teens is highly related to the number of high school dropouts (Adams 20).
Twenty-nine percent of students in grades nine through twelve reports that illegal drugs were made available to them on school property. Not only that, teens in upper grades report greater access…

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