Swings And Black Nut: Song Analysis

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Unlike the previous Hip-hop artists Tiger JK and Yoonmirae, Swings and Black Nut are the artists who created the bad influence for youth and teenage. The reason why I considered the young generation as the main listener and mostly affected people for Hip-hop music is that, their ego is not completely produced, and so it is easy to create false ego by exterior influences such as their liked Hip-hop musicians who composed morally negative and bad effective music and act in daily life.
Swings is the male Hip-hop artist, and also one of the founder of Just Music hip-hop label who got a lots of love in Hip-hop scene. Even if his actions were wrong, people loved his music to listen because of his professional rapping techniques and producing skill.
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He is one of the underground rappers who have been illuminated by the TV show, Show me the Money. In this program, he showed his music and musical characteristics. And that were not completely abnormal and moral. Even if those are the biggest elements that he has become famous and popular, that need to be changed. Two of his notable songs “Beenzino” and “100” are the examples what I want to more talk about. First of the song “Beenzino” is his first published song in the Hip-hop scene. He remixed the song which already created by the famous K Hip-hop artist Beenzino. He said that the purpose of this song is the praise of Beenzino, but he used lots of sexual words and slang for the lyric. Black nut mentioned the some of sexual body part of his such as ‘Beenzino's armpit hair’. Black nut mostly used synthesizer sounds and also putting some of effect sounds such as the groans of a man in this song. Some of people just skipped his song with laughing, but this is an incorrect sexual harassment trick. Moreover, Black nut is shamelessly using sexual explicit and abasement women lyrics in his another song “100”. I don’t know and understand how excellent his rapping techniques are, I think TV show which shows his rap and behavior to public are surely wrong. Although not everyone embraces and follows his rap and thought, a teenager whose ego is not fully developed is …show more content…
We call K-hip hop as since the hip-hop is not the one that we used to know in Korea. However, K-hip hop has changed over the years to suit the conservative Koreans culture. Maybe other rappers outside of Korea may say that K-hip hop is not actual hip-hop but that is loved and maintained music in South Korea with a different look and taste. Thus today, it has become a popular culture that accepts the medium, goes beyond the genre, and breathes and enjoy with people. And particularly, youth got a big influence by their music. So, my conclusive argument is that Even if there are good hip-hop artists in Korea, there are so many bad influences hip-hop musicians and their songs. And they make the young generation, especially teenage, are having a lot of negative influence by them. In another Western country, “Particularly North America, are engaging hip-hop in an academically rigorous manner through courses, research, conferences, and symposia” (Petchauer 947). Because they believed “The creative practices of hip-hop and the messages constructed in the music are woven into the processes of identify formation by which youth and young adults, and that Processes of identity formation have the potential to be intricately woven into teaching, learning, and nearly all things educational" (Petchauer 947). So, I hope to our K Hip-hop also grow up as the good and

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