Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Missiles

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There is no real need for nuclear missiles, contrary to many people’s beliefs. People think they protect us, but really just put us at more risk of attack. All they really do, besides level whole metropolitan areas in a few seconds, is harbor a false sense of security for the politicians to hide behind. They state that they will protect our country with these weapons of mass destruction, but it’s all just an elaborate ploy to get innocent voters to put them in power of these armageddon machines. Many people think that nuclear weapons protect them, but in reality they put them at more risk of nuclear attack.

Politicians use nuclear missiles to show that they have power. This however shows that they indeed have no power and use nuclear missiles as a crutch. This blinds the people into thinking they are a powerful leader and the people vote for them. The Nuclear missiles are making our view of politics skewed. Jim McCluskey, author of the article “Politicians and their Armageddon Machines”, stated that politicians use nuclear missiles to feed their egos and keep their egos strong by fostering a culture of fear. When politicians talk about how nuclear missiles protect this country, think again. They put us at a bigger risk of
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There should not be that many weapons that can decimate all life within the blast area, and definitely not enough to destroy the surface of the earth. In the same article stated in the previous paragraph, Jim McCluskey shared a statistic that is utterly shock. there are over 23,000 known nuclear weapons in existence right now. That may not seem like that much only one nuclear missile can kill over 630,000 people. That’s 14,490,000,000 people killed if all of the world 's nuclear weapons went off. That’s over twice the world’s population. People try to put off nuclear weapons as just a defence, but very few know the true devastation one can

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