Negative Essay: Why Guns Are Responsible For Gun Control

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People own the guns, and each person has to own the problems that are caused by guns. This includes the threats, the violence and the deaths that result in the use of guns. The violence caused by guns is because of the person who is on the other end not the gun itself. The ones who make the choice to pull the trigger are responsible. These people are the criminals, the mentally ill, and the uneducated that have guns at their disposal. No matter what country, state, city, or town you live in violence will be there regardless of guns being present or not.

It is argued that guns are responsible for the violence that is caused by them, if those involved in the crime did not have a gun the violent act would not have occurred. “This theory holds
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When you get the details you realize the people responsible for the violence are not stable individuals. Obviously, you’d have to be seriously mentally ill to go through with a mass shooting. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a country as mass shooting-plagued as the US also leads the developed world in untreated mental illness. “What kinds of measures might have helped prevent the Aurora massacre? Some have no connection with gun control: mental health outreach and screening might have detected that a doctoral student in neuroscience was headed into a dark corner of the mind. That might have resulted in his failing the background checks he passed when he bought his guns”. (Whitney, Craig R.) So if we look to help the mentally ill the number of these shooting sprees or random shootings will decrease.” In sum, it cannot be true that possession of firearms causes ordinary people to murder -- for murderers are virtually never ordinary, but rather are extreme aberrant with life histories of crime, psychopathology and/or substance abuse“. (Kates, Don B.) The mentally ill are responsible for violence caused by guns as well as uneducated gun …show more content…
There are people who own guns for the sole purpose to protect themselves and their families. If you do not know how to handle a gun then there is more danger than protection being offered. If someone breaks in to a house with no weapon, and the only intention is to steal; and someone who is not educated on how to handle a gun decides to confront the robber is now putting everyone in the situation in danger including the people that were being protected in the first place. The robber could get ahold of the gun and turn a robbery in to a murder. Another situation that could be caused by an uneducated gun owner would be a miss-fire. If someone is going to clean the gun, or doesn’t know how to properly clear the chamber this could cause an accidental discharge and possibly injure or kill someone. “Gun safety is often taught in the home and gun accidents are rare. But that's not the case in urban areas” (Guido, Anna) this is showing that education is key. If adults are educated they can pass that knowledge on to the next generation and so on.

So in conclusion no matter how many laws or restriction are put in to place on guns the violence will continue. Criminals will still commit violent acts of all kinds regardless of having a gun or not. The mentally ill who do have guns are unpredictable and can cause just as much violence and any criminal without having the record. Even people who do not have any violent

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