Ethnocentrism In Society

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Ethnocentrism is the belief that one’s group or society is better than the rest. You also judge other cultures based on the values and standards of your own. By calling other societies “primitive” or “uncivilized”, we are using our beliefs to judge others. These labels show us who is “superior” because, when used, these labels make people feel lower than others. The labels make people feel bad about themselves causing them to feel inferior. When we label people, we give ourselves the excuse to feel superior. For example, we use to believe that people with different skin colors are inferior to people with white skin color. To this day these labels still exist as prejudice within the United States and other places. By discriminating against …show more content…
By pushing people out who we think are inferior to ourselves, we lose so much knowledge and new ways of thinking. Everyone in the world has their own opinions and ideas, by pushing these people out we also push out there thoughts. Just because someone looks different it does not mean that they are inferior. If a person has all of the qualifications and background needed for a job, why should it matter what race or ethnicity they are? Today’s society have become so biased, we take one look at a person and decide if they are good or bad to hang around. Without getting to know the person, how does one truly know what they are like? Our feelings lead to inaccurate views of people because we do not take to time to know them, we just judge them based off of what others have said. There is no good reason to classify people as superior or inferior to others. People live with what they have. Just because someone does not have to same resources or background as you, it does not mean they are living poorly. If you, and village, can survive off of what you have, then you are doing just as good as the rest of us. All we try to do in the world is survive, and people have many different ways of doing

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