Negative Essay On Assisted Suicide

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Suicide is when someone takes their own life voluntarily and intentionally. Assisted suicide is “Suicide accomplished with the aid of another person, especially a physician”(The American Heritage Medical Dictionary). Assisted suicide is considered for people who have a terminal illness and wish to not suffer anymore. Some people are for it saying people have a right to whether they want to live or not, they can control their own destiny, and people know what they want for their life. Others say if someone wants to commit suicide it’s their moral as a person to help talk them out of it, it’s against God, and their situation of feeling is only temporary. The majority of people who commit suicide suffer from depression that can be treated. If …show more content…
Committing suicide, whether it’s assisted or not, does not physically harm anyone besides the person whose life is being taken. It causes emotional damage to the people who knew the person, but other than that there is no physical harm in committing assisted suicide. Those who look for assisted suicide as an option have diseases that are so severe it strips away people’s minds. It takes away the person they once were, for example alzheimer 's disease. That disease leaves one in a deadly condition where everything gets worse and there’s nothing to do but wait for the disease to kill you. If someone wanted to commit suicide knowing that they can’t get better and there’s no possibility of life for them then they might feel lonely and do the job themselves, which is worse than doing it with assistance; Only because the way they off themselves could be horrific, whereas assisted suicide allows them to have company and peace of mind. People want to die while they are still themselves and are stable enough to say goodbye to the ones they love. Mankind says that God plans when people come and when people leave, but then if that was true then society wouldn’t have medicine to heal them when they’re sick or doctors to help when they’re in a life or death emergency (Clayton). To say that God is the only one who can take one’s life is to say that the world shouldn’t

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