Negative Essay: How Facebook Is Using You?

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FACEBOOK IS USING YOU Facebook is one of the most important social network in the world. Along with the evolution of
Technology, the majority of people worldwide refer to Facebook as a way of getting information at a faster peace or simply maintaining friendships or relatives relationship. Last year while updating my status on the social network, I received message from an old friend from junior high school. Presently; we have strengthened our relationship from often conversations or rediscovered each other from our respective posts and status of everyday life. However; the content of our personal love, hate or even aspirations goes directly in the stocked data of Mark Zuckerberg’s Company, constituting a file on our identity which
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She inform the readers that there is a hidden side, much vicious, of the internet off its multiple advantages. In fact social networks contract the personal data on each one of its users which could be used latter at our disadvantage. Andrews refers to simple example of organizations we perfectly know; the Internal Revenue Service who searches Facebook and Myspace for evidence of tax evaders income. Lori also denounces the company Spokes that provide anyone who wants it with online data. Therefore a woman could know if her husband or boyfriend cheated on her just by giving his e-mail address to Spokes. Our own personal life, information appear to not be our property anymore. Anyone who desire to harm us could just refer to the available data online, get sensible data about people and manipulate them or even worse destroy them. Andrews warn the social networks by using arguments to make the educated readers of the New York Times understand the impact of social networks on them. Moreover by illustrating her view with the European countries, she clearly state that there should be laws that protect ours data from being manipulate by …show more content…
Even more personal data such as
Relationship status are publicized. Hence social network get information about its consumer directly from the source and without an ounce of effort. The social media used our personal data to gain wealth at their unique benefice. Andrews reported that Facebook gained “$ 3.2 billion in advertising revenue” only last year. That money result from the analysis of the information we willingly give to the company. The simple fact of sharing
“Twilight” as your favorite saga gives Facebook of what to advertise on your wall. Google makes money
Because it “harvests, copies, aggregate and ranks billions of web page of Authors who tactically grant
Google the right to “free ride,” on their work.” (Vaidhyanathan 83). It seems not faire for them to uses
For their benefice. Thus social networks analysis the data we provide them freely to make their own profit. Material mined online has been used against people in case of Government regularization or other important institutions. Andrews relate that the United States Citizenship and Immigration

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