Negative Effects Of Willy In Death Of A Salesman

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Register to read the introduction… Field focuses on what Willy has made his sons, but neglects to mention what he has and is doing to his wife. His biggest crime is his own moral bankruptcy, “that he has no idea how to choose” (23) what is and isn’t right. Willy is constantly yelling at Linda without any real provocation, when he is the one who has actually betrayed her. Biff knowing the truth even commands Willy to “stop yelling at her” (1.757), but Willy is completely incapable of seeing that he has no right to yell at Linda, seeing how he been with another woman behind her back. His poor treatment of his wife could also be the reason Biff and Happy feel no remorse lying to women to have their way with them. Willy even seems to feel guilt, but deals with it by being cruel to Linda by yelling at her for “mending stockings in [his] house” (1.358). His betrayal is not just that he is with another woman, but he gives Linda’s stockings to the woman, as if she is more valuable to him. In the end, Linda can never be happy because she had believed all of Willy’s lies and now is forced in a world where she had to ask, “why didn’t anybody come” to Willy’s funeral. (Reqiuem.6) It was hard for her to believe that they weren’t everything Willy had lied they were. Willy has trapped Linda’s future in her sorrow for him, a man undeserving of any mourning from his wife for how poorly he …show more content…
Field’s writes that “the city is killing [Willy]” (23), when in fact the city is just reciprocating for how he uses it. We know Willy is not above cheating and stealing to get ahead. The woman even tells him “I’ll put you right through to the buyers”, (1.347) showing that he is more interested in being a good salesman than a good husband. To Willy being a good salesman proves that he is well liked, regardless of how we see people treat him. Even Howard keeps interrupting him, the same way he interrupts his wife showing the same lack of respect in both cases. Willy feels just because he named Howard, he should receive special treatment because he believes himself to be well liked as the woman he had an affair with would tell him. Willy is a shallow human being who believes that everyone is as shallow as he is, which is why he struggles to believe Bernard will be successful. It goes so far as Willy being bewildered that Bernard never felt the need to brag about his job, failing to understand that “he didn’t have to, he’s gonna to do it” (2.339). But Willy is still so deluded believing he is well liked that he doesn’t even realize the truth even though he says it himself “Charley, [is] the only friend [he] got”. (2.380) The truth is Willy has never been as well liked as he believes and that is why his funeral is barely even

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