Negative Effects Of Video Games On Adolescent Behavior

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Video Games Have a Negative Impact on Adolescent Behavior

“I’ve been waiting to do this for years”, says Chris Harper in a online group chat the night before he commenced the massacre that would leave 10 people dead and many more injured on the Umpqua Campus. Chris was known for spending most of his time playing and obsessing over violent video games, I which is the leading cause of the shooting. Chris is not the only example In which the mind was overcome by violent thoughts due to violent video games, as many others have been affected with the addiction and obsession. Mental health is not the only thing damaged when you play violent video games, as your health and performance in school is affected (CharismaNews).

Playing violent video
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A research done by Leonard Sax he expresses the draws on the fact that violent video games cause aggressive behavior in the players. “He argued that video games are so addictive because they satisfy the male need for power and control”. He offers advice to parents to limit video games to forty minutes a day on school days and one hour on other days; and do not allow video games to take over other activities and priorities, such as family, schoolwork, and friends in which video games may impair one 's cognition of what is more important. A study done in 2010 done by Robert Weis and Brittany Cerankosky selected a group of boys who didn’t own video games. Then each boy was randomly assigned to one of two conditions. “The “video games now" group got their systems immediately, and the “video games later" group didn’t receive their systems until months later—once the study was completed. The researchers tracked the boys’ academic performance at school, and found that there was an effect. Not only did the kids who received game systems spend less time doing homework, they also performed worse on standardized tests for reading and writing (Higher Education Pedagogy & Policy). Video Games impair

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