Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Overplaying video games can cause an increase in behavioral disorders in children. These are the kind of disorders that cause ADD and ADHD. Also, the games can trigger emotional disorders as well. It has been proven that the more addicted to a game a child may be, the lower their standardized test scores (such as SOL tests and SAT tests) will be. There are also statistics showing that if children play more violent video games, then later on in life they will show more physically aggressive behavior than a person who did not play the violent games (Top Ten Negative Effects of Video Games on Children). No child should have to go through these problems because of silly video games!

In addition to video games, the Internet can be a demon too. Too many teenagers are addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and AIM. Trying to do homework and posting a new status on Facebook just does not mix. Focusing on and retaining the content of the homework is next to impossible with that distraction. Also, the Internet is an
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In fact, 46% of sixteen and seventeen year-olds today admit to texting while driving. The risk for an accident increases by 50% for people who choose to text while driving (Texting and Driving Deadly for Teens). Every day, there are news reports about people causing accidents because they choose to text and drive. The sad reality is, knowing the statistics and the consequences, texting and driving will be a combination that will never be killed. At any given moment in 2008, over 800,000 Americans were either texting, reading a text, or talking on the phone. In that same year, over 6,000 people died because of distracted driving caused by a cellular phone (Texting and Driving Deadly for

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