American Prison System Analysis

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Is the American economics and the prison system a positive or negative impact on the system? The United States currently has 2 million people incarcerated more than any country in the world. This is a big issue because most countries don 't hold more than 2 million incarcerated inmates behind bars. According to Fitzgerald J (2015) “(bop) Bureau Of Prisons housed 214,149 inmates roughly 298 percent over its rated capacity”. The bureau went over its rated capacity when imprisoning new inmates to the system, so forth our state being the highest rate in incarcerating people into the system. Leading to that according to Vance S.E. (2015) “Since 1980’s that has made it increasingly more expensive to operate and maintain a federal prison”. Prisons …show more content…
(1977) “In the early 1980s, California 's inmate population began to climb”. Even then that 's when there was a sudden realize that the system was growing. In 1984-1994 California built 8 new maximum security level (4) facilities, that shows there was a growth in crimes and had to build new facilities just for new inmates. A prison called new Folsom holds 3,000 level 4 inmates , many prisons hold different level type criminals depending on what they 've done or how bad the crime is. According to Davis A. (1998) “imprisonment has become the response of social problems that burden people who are ensconced in poverty”. Over a period of time, people may start to lose it because they have no one on the inside to socialize or to talk with. This method of imprisonment dated back to at 3 decades ago when the population was one-eighth of its current …show more content…
This increases by a thousand every year which the system has to go and approve of making a new jail every year. This all comes down to the government and on what he does with the power of the decision. This graph shows evidence that we are increasing on incarcerated people behind cells. This data will continue throughout more years and possible the data will increase by the next couple years that come by.

In conclusion , this research shows that the system is a negative impact because it 's just increasing the crime rates and also it 's not making the communities any better. It 's also a negative impact because there taking up more space on new prisons every year. Which leads to more problems with people and the system which brings the government involved. This can also effect are economic in the next couple years to come if we don 't stop the crime

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