The Cost Of The Olympic Games

Although it used to be thought as a pride for the host country to hold the Olympic Games, the consideration whether the cost of the Olympic Games outweighs the actual benefits brought to the host country is becoming increasingly more common among the public (has raised increasingly more public attention) throughout the world.This essay is going to discuss about the cost and benefits that the host country may obtain by holding the Olympic Games. The negative influence caused by the Olympics may include the enormous financial cost and the passive social impact, while the host country is provided an opportunity to build up country status as well as to help the city renewal.
First of all, the Olympics cost the host country an enormous amount of
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The Olympic Games are often thought to be a factor that can raise the interest of the youth in sports activities. Therefore, the participation in sports of the young generation in the host country is estimated to rise after the Olympics. However, according to the official figures from Sport England, in 2012 after the Olympic Games, the regular participation in sports events among the young generation in British, whose age is between 16 and 25 years old, actually dropped rather than increased by 53,000, approximately 1.4 percent of the number before the Olympics (Lewis, 2015). Moreover, some residents in the host city were forced to leave their home because the stadiums were built on the land where their homes used to be (Watts, 2016). For instance, in order to construct the stadiums for the 2016 Rio Olympics, more than 4,100 families were asked to remove from their home where they had many good memories (Gregory, 2016). Many of those, the impoverished families living in favelas, refused to leave their home(ibid.) .These families were thought to be forced to leave by the government forcefully, which was doubted to offend the fair spirit of the Olympics (ibid.) . A further social issue that may be caused by the Olympic Games is the decreasing public cohesion in the host country. Since the financial cost of the Olympics is founded by the government and the sponsorship, the enormous cost is certain to pose high pressure on the finance of the host city or the host country, which may lead to the financial deficit or the reduced fiscal expenditure in other fields. As the main source of the finance of the host city or the host country is the taxes from the citizens, the citizens may feel their rights offended.

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