Negative Effects Of Stress And Nutrition

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Effects Of Stress and Nutrition Over the recent decades the emerging importance that nutrition has on stress management in college students along with others has become a controversial topic all across different Universities and Public Institutions. Hence, for years, society has suspected that stress and nutrition are linked and now after so many years, scientific research has found evidence to support this connection. In an article by AUTHO (2014), research suggest to help explain this link and, as more individuals become more aware of and gain a better understanding of these reasons, they may be better able to address the effects of stress and nutrition epidemic facing the United States. Amidst this obesity epidemic there has been many …show more content…
Hence, there is a list of things that one as an individual can incorporate into ones daily lives. Thus, which are as follows not allowing one to get to the point where one is really hungry, eat healthy snacks periodically throughout the day, think ahead of what the food that one will eat while at the same time keeping the portion size in mind. Furthermore, according to research, not allowing one to the point where they are too hungry is a good way to reduce the effects that nutrition and stress have on the body. Thus, when an individual gets too hungry and goes long without eating, one begins to get a drop in their blood sugar along with many other effects. Hence, it is very tough to think rationally when your blood sugar levels are that low. One will probably eat about anything that has easy accessibility. In order to prevent these effects one must be able to avoid not skipping meals, expert’s …show more content…
Studies suggest that, when people are under stress, there is a tendency not to make wise decisions about what they are eating and how much they are consuming. Hence, smaller portions can help keep your total calorie intake under control. Furthermore, according to research, experts advice that one keeps track of food and water intake every single day of the week. Although this might sound like something not worth doing is more effective than what one can imagine. Other studies found that keeping oneself accountable will make one think twice before that extra slice of cheese pizza. Hence, eat healthy snacks in between the day. Experts recommend snacks that combine fiber, carbohydrates and most importantly proteins. Thus, the reason why experts recommend this based on their findings is because the body digests these snacks are a slower pace, allowing one to feel fuller for a longer

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