Negative Effects Of Rap On Society

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Rap Music: Positive and Negative Influences on Society
Rap music has had a love hate relationship with American culture and society, for as long as it has been around. Beginning during the hip hop movement in South Bronx New York in the 1970’s. Rap music was featured at local block parties before it became mainstream. It was initially blown off as a fad but once it became popular it expanded like wildfire. With this expansion became the need to classify the different forms of rap. Classified by what the rapper chose to discuss within the lyrics.
There were two different ways raps was classified Commercial vs. Conscious Rapping. Commercial rapping was all about appeal and had no true message. Commericial most notably touched on topics of girls, drugs, violence, and alcohol. Conscious rapping focuses more on societal conflicts or consist of political orientation. Despite the difference in subjects both forms of rap have had effects on society. Many individuals, youth especially, look up to rappers for knowledge and lifestyle advice. So whether it is beneficial or not young people, young men especially, will try to imitate their favorite rappers. Commercial rappers cause young men predominantly, in the black population to be stuck in the “gangster” stereotype. While conscious rappers talk about changing the world for the better. Which can motivate
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Rap originally gave African Americans a voice to speak on matters that affect the black community. With artist like Tupac and Boogie Down Productions, continuing on with artists like Kendrick Lamar. However commercial rapping marginalized on negative topics like drugs, alcohol, gun violence,and more. Rap music still has the potential to change the world for the better. As long as members of society speak up against commercial rap and begin to point youth towards conscious

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