Negative Effects Of Presidential Elections

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Every four years when Americans have to cast ballots and get to elect or re-elect a new president. They have to go through many steps before getting to the big day, the Election Day, which takes place on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. The first step during an election years are, Primaries and Caucuses. During the process nominees from each political party get selected, which after are officially announce at the party’s national convention. Therefore, candidates could start their election campaigns and focus on winning the swing states as they aim to win the 270 electoral votes they need to win the presidency.
There are many ways political parties choose who is going to represent them on the general election, which is a
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Which means states with a large population, who have more electoral votes than those with a smaller population. The Electoral College system could have a negative effect on presidential campaigning because instead of focusing on winning the popular vote they need to mainly focus on winning the electoral votes from all the states, which are very crucial on deciding who the next president is going to be. Which means they have to be very careful on the strategies there going to apply on each state to win the electors which would give candidates a better chance to win the presidential …show more content…
As stated by the article Electoral vote vs Popular vote, “the system is undemocratic because the number of electoral votes is not directly proportional to the population of the state. This gives smaller states a disproportionate influence in presidential elections, which means smaller states get more representation than bigger states and this could play an important role on how a president gets elected and leaves other populated states with less electoral

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