Essay On Poverty In Education

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At a young age, children learn that by having an education they can obtain the keys to a more fulfilling life. Educational achievement and society are correlated and play a crucial role in the child’s ability to be successful. The environment has a direct impact on the child’s ability to receive proper schooling. One aspect that be addressed is students who live in poverty. Low income areas have an adverse effect on the child’s academic life, the social and emotional status of the family, such as parent involvement and the teacher’s expectation of students. It is crucial to examine these barriers in order to mitigate the effects of poverty. In order to understand how poverty affects children in low income environments, it is important to …show more content…
Prevalence studies on poverty show that one out four students living in the United States is poor. As stated in the text “In 1998, the poverty rate was 12.75; about 34.5 million Americans lived in poverty and a total of 15.1% of all American families with children were living in poverty” (3). By looking at the statistics it is clear that poverty is a widespread issue that continues to grow. Students who live in poverty do not always have a family structure needed to support their academic endeavors. Without the guidance of a mentor, students are at risk of failing and often end up in the referral process. Those who live in poverty are at risk for developing a learning disability, which spawns from the psychological, emotional and social stress from their environment. In addition, if student’s basic needs are not met it can drastically impact their ability to function in the classroom, which can lead to referral. Poverty has a direct effect on the eating habits of children. If children are not receiving adequate nourishment in the household it can stunt their development. Students that come to class disheveled and hungry cannot focus in class. These students do not do well on exams and they fail to meet academic standards. As a result of starvation students develop emotional and behavioral

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