Negative Effects Of Police Brutality In The Media

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The nature of the police force within the United States of America is one of extremes. Either they show an overzealous and overly aggressive approach to their duty, or they show complacency and acceptance to those who exemplify latter. In the article Why Militarized Police Departments Don’t Work: Confronting Angry Citizens in the Garb of Jack-Booted Thugs Does Plenty of Damage, Accomplishes Nothing published in Newsweek Global, the author states “what this country has just witnessed in Ferguson was, like in Chicago, an example of police gone wild—poorly led, poorly trained, unprofessional, displaying a complete lack of understanding of their jobs. It was an abomination that stains the reputation and credibility of talented, well-trained law enforcement officers throughout the country. It …show more content…
There is more to the police force than attacking innocent individuals. And although this does happen, and is inexcusable, there are ways in which to attempt to change the ways in which the police see themselves within the community. By casting a positive light, the media has the opportunity to change the minds of the officers. Instead of seeing themselves as needing to reprimand all of those in the community for the sake of power, they will see that they can integrate themselves in with those they are serving. They can begin to see that their actions impact all who surround them and that their lives are all intertwined in one community. One such way for the impact to be seen is through not only the news media, but also through social media. In an every increasingly technological world, more and more people look to the internet for their news stories. By being utilizing those platforms, law enforcement would be able to connect with those in their community better. A prime example is that of Dixon,

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