Negative Effects Of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery, Cosmetic surgery all comes to the same meaning; to change the body in some way. The most common cosmetic surgery procedures includes facelift, breast reduction or enlargement, and liposuction. There is good, and of course bad outcome when doing some kind of plastic surgery. There will always exists controversial point of views about cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is becoming extremely common now days for a good variety of reasons, but mostly for those people who change parts from some part of their body just for the simple reason they don’t like it and do not feel good about it. That simple “error” (Flores) makes them insecure of themselves. Generally, people who agree with plastic surgery say …show more content…
One of the most important aspects and that very dishonestly the consumption uses to sell its marks, creating this way a stereotype of woman and of man who "must" have the society … THE PLASTIC SURGERY. This aspect takes as a result perhaps one of the most serious effects:, many investigators say one of the most serious, therefore it goes with it, a series of damages to the human body, which at the worst leads to the death, and perhaps, it does not hit in the eye, or simply people have not wanted to see it for the idiocy and blindness, turning into a few sheets that the wind takes them without any course, well, there is no worse blind person than the one that he does not want to …show more content…
According to William (p343-352) in Psychiatric Quarterly. Components of the esthetic plastic surgery, which we must bear in mind: The art of the face-lift, which in general materializes in healthy persons who want to improve its aspect, needs of certain training and criterion that only gives the specialty and the talent. “Plastos” meaning plastic, in Greek means Form. It is understood by esthetic plastic surgery to the specialty that devotes itself to restore the form and function of the structures of the body; being this one a co-substantial part of the plastic surgery. He tries to correct small defects, which although there are no cause of vital or functional problems, they worry the person and are a cause of suffering. The surgeons "treat" those corporal parts that are a "problem" or motivation of low self-esteem for the patients, being this one of the main causes for which the persons decide to do a surgery to themselves; making sure that not only they will improve the physical aspect of its patients, but also the physical balance.
The costs of a plastic surgery change according to such diverse factors like the city and the country where it is realized, the wished type of clinic, the elected surgeon and what is more important, its state of health opposite to the nature of its expectations on the results (there can be an endless list of conditions that alter significantly the costs of a procedure). As for

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