Negative Effects Of Pets

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Register to read the introduction… Many suffer mental disorders like depression, loss of memory, and more. Study by Dr. Francesca Moretti, Dr. Diana De Ronchi, Dr. Virginia Bernabei, Dr. Lucia Marchetti, Dr. Barbara Ferrari, Dr. Claudia Forlani, Dr. Francesca Negretti, Dr. Cleta Sacchetti and Dr. Anna Rita Atti (2010) showed that pet therapy helped patients to deal with depression, dementia and psychotic disorders. Study also showed symptoms reduction by 50% (Moretti et al., 2010). Having a pet has its positive effects on mentally ill elders: they felt better not only physically but also emotionally (Moretti et al., 2010). Their relationships with friends and families had been improved, they were more engaged with daily activities and noticed significant improvement of sleep and appetite (Moretti et al., …show more content…
Almost every household have a pet these days but people used to them so much that they do not think about how many health relating benefits pets bring with them. Pets are great addition to the family and they bring something innocent and kind in our hectic life. They make us happy and make us forget our problems, at least for a little bit. Pets are always happy to see us and can feel if we are hurt or unhappy. To have somebody soft and cuddly running toward you when you come home it is a great feeling and can make anyone’s day. That is why it is very important for people to educate themselves about pet therapy and be more kind to our little furry friends. References Kaminski, M., Pellino, T., Wish, J. (2002) Play and pets: the physical and emotional impact of child-life and pet therapy on hospitalized children. Children’s Health Care. 31(4), 312-35. Retrieved from
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