Negative Effects Of Oil Drilling

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Today the United States, is edging closer to energy independence as we push towards relying on our own resources here in America. Although, we are still years from it the U.S. has cut foreign oil imports in the past decade by nearly 60 percent. Despite the harmful effects drilling for oil has on the environment, and wildlife there are still many reason the U.S continues to import. Considering oil has been the back bone to the world’s economy for decades, we need to take control by putting regulations on all oil drilling globally. Altogether the world needs recognize the detrimental effects drilling for oil has on are ecosystem, wildlife, and depleting oil reserves.
Oil has become so predominate to many nations economy’s that we continue to
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In fact, we are so set on drilling for more and more we continue to fail to realize the damaging effects were causing to not only us human beings, but as well all the wildlife we share this land with. The exploitation of oil has brought many complications to wildlife when they are faced with the causes and effects of oil drilling sites. Many issues faced cause negative effects on wildlife in oil drilling regions that disrupt the natural habitats of these animals. In many cases this leads to the disruption of migration routes caused by noise, traffic, and fences brought on by oil drilling …show more content…
In 2010, the largest oil spill in the history of the U.S. was caused by an explosion in a drilling rig, leading to an estimated 200,000 gallons a day contaminating the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the spiraling effects of this spill killed off a record number of dolphins and other marine mammals in the affected regions. Oil that contaminates the water affects animal’s internal organs, which can lead to cancer causing illness. The Deepwater horizon oil spill has been the most catastrophic spill in recent years that killed off thousands of marine lives, and contaminated shores of many beaches in the surrounding regions. As a nation, we need to recognize that oil drilling causes more damage to our ecosystem and risks lives of wildlife animals than it benefits our

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