Negative Effects Of Media In The United States

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Negative Effects of Media in the United States
Although US media originally started as entertainment or biased news, the impact of it is becoming a substantial problem because of misrepresentation. The main purpose of the media is to inform people by choosing what is important and then providing the information; however, the way it fulfills its purpose in the modern world is detrimental to the overall knowledge of the public. Modern media is a problem because of how it frames issues, focuses on irrelevant issues rather than important world issues, and exaggerates or incorrectly covers certain topics to influence the opinions of the public. I will discuss this using examples of the media’s coverage of terrorism and international news.
Originally, the purpose of the media during the start of the United States was to spread information about the wrongdoings of the British government and to spread the revolution. Printed news quickly shifted into politically charged information, and then into entertainment. Media is a business, not a government controlled activity, which means they need to attract
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Although it has always been biased and filled with entertainment, it is gradually getting worse and should not continue. Americans are continually becoming more and more ignorant to the issues plaguing the world and are focusing more on meaningless national news. Apart from that, Americans are being bombarded with negative news about terrorism and threats from Muslims, which pushes them to think a certain way. All of this is done on purpose using techniques such as framing and labeling. The media purposefully puts stories in a context that implies things to push their agenda. Media should stop focusing on only blowing certain United States issues out of proportion because of the vast negative impact it is causing that will only worsen with

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